Digital Security Scan

Digital Security Scan

The ultimate diagnostic tool for measuring the resiliency of your IT security.

Companies are vulnerable to IT-risks and this can have all kinds of serious consequences for all parties concerned. The perpetual question is how a company can tighten security and if enough in-house knowledge is present when faced with cybercrime. Bolting down a company’s digital security is key, starting with a clear assessment of the risks a particular company is faced with.

Not only external risks are important to look at , companies also need to better protect their data to prevent the leaking of confidential information or the theft of intellectual property.

In short,a good IT security program is able to minimize potential risk, and prevent or reduce impact of cybercrime incidents.

Your IT Security

Every company has a form of IT security in place but how efficient and optimal is it ? As an organization you of course want to know how well you are protected from cybercrime risks. This is possible with our quick and action-oriented scan.

Your Questions

As a company you want an answer to these questions:

Is my IT security strong enough ?
How can I get my IT security on a higher level ?
Is my personnel aware of the risks posed by cybercrime?
Do I have the necessary procedures in place when faced with cybercrime ?
How do I take IT security in account when implementing new technologies ?
How strong is my password policy ?
Is my data sufficiently protected against unauthorized access ?

Our Approach

In order to reach this goal we have created an online-scan focusing on 9 domains:



Our approach consists of 5 consecutive steps :

1. Kick-Off : via a web application you complete the  Online Security Survey or this survey is conducted via a physical interview.

2. Conversation : during an initial conversation we discuss the results of the online scan.

3. Draft report: we create a draft report in which a specific step-by-step approach to remedy the security issues are proposed.

4. Presentation: we walk you through our proposed approach and present how these remediations can be implemented efficiently and quickly.

5. Final Report :  We finalize the report based on the feedback on our proposed approach and remediation strategies.

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